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What Defines Carolina Luxury Home Builders?

What is it about a home builder that sets them apart as a luxury home builder? We believe the builders of “luxury homes” have a greater natural commitment to their home buyers, based on the fact that our builders view each and every home as a unique investment. Other builders hurry to mass-produce communities without putting in the extra effort to ensure each home is not only built to code, but built well. Our preferred builders strive to create homes that they would want to live in themselves. This means they take that extra step to provide adequate training to there building team, frequent on-site inspections, and individual attention to each project.

A luxury home builder also has an innate commitment to excellence, integrity, and loyalty to the overall design and function of the home. Peters & Associates, Inc. wants your home to be a place of beauty, relaxation, comfort, efficiency, and modernity – it is intended to be our clients’ castle, In coordination with the builder we provide our clients with frequent updates on the status of their new home and are always ready to hear their questions, concerns, and desires. While other Realtor-builder teams may be too busy or unwilling to provide this level of customer service, we believe it is all part of being a luxury real estate agent working with luxury home builders.

As Realtors of luxury homes, we know the family about to purchase each and every home expects only the best from us and our builders. They never need to worry whether or not their home meets their exacting standards: our builders homes do. In addition, our luxury home builders take care to use top materials and products that not only have the best appearance, but also require the least amount of upkeep and repair, thus adding to the luxurious quality of life we endeavor to provide our clients.

We believe in the commitment we have to our clients, and we are proud to offer excellence in customer service with a team of outstanding luxury home builders.

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Peters & Associates, Inc. is a member of Leading International Agents & Developers. Over the past several years Nicholas & Miriam Peters have worked with transferees and their families. Our relocation team processes several moves annually and is a key ally to the success of our New Home Sales.

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Our services and capabilities are unmatched. Like a builder’s business, ours was built from the ground up with true entrepreneurial spirit and a respect for the hard work that goes into creating a successful new homes community.

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