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As an ambitious network, studio, or record company executive, you have your focus at the heart of your production. Your achievement level is undeniably due to your hard work, producing amazing results, and demanding respect from different colleagues in the same industry. Like you, we at Peters & Associates, Inc. are leaders in our industry. We have produced premium real estate services to very distinguished clientele.

Attention to specific detail can be the difference between an okay performance and a great one, between a decent song & a Grammy winner, or between a common film & an Academy Award winner. In real estate, attention to specific detail is equally as important. We are very aware of your needs and how to executing your transaction successfully. Peters & Associates, Inc. is second to none in servicing & understanding the needs of people in the industry.

Charlotte offers a large quantity of housing options for discerning clients.

Whether you are looking for a European mansion, waterfront get-a-way, modern palace, or luxury condominium, the right place for you is out there, & we will help you find it. Maybe you are in search of a second home closer to your job. Maybe you currently live in another city & could use a full-service building for your visit in Charlotte. We can assist and guide you to the right place.

You don’t have to search any further. Peters & Associates, Inc. is the most prime choice for your real estate desires from anywhere in the world. Our elite team of agents and brokers are distinctly qualified to service the often unique and discreet real estate desires of processionals in the industry.

Contact us today to learn about how we can serve all your executive needs in real estate.

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