Charlotte Relocation

Nicholas & Miriam Peters:
We are industry veterans with broad?based management experience, our relocation team is here to help you find the right community and the perfect home.

Moving Into the Charlotte Metro Area:

Peters & Associates, Inc. would like to say, “Welcome Home!” If you’re making a move into the Charlotte area, our relocation team is here to help you find the right community and the perfect home.

Moving Your Household Goods:
Our relocation team know all about planning moves. We’ll help coordinate the details of your move with one of several of our approved moving companies.

How We are Unique?

  • Independent ? We partner with the best providers in each market.
  • Flexible ? We deliver exactly what the client needs, customer designed programs
  • Leading Edge ? We provide technical solutions to enhance the client and transferee experience
  • Client?focused ? We commit to “total client satisfaction”
  • Customer?centric ? Our programs and processes are built around the specific needs of each client

Corporate Relocation Services

CHALLENGE: Your employees face numerous challenges when confronted with important decisions involving relocation. Time constraints, reduced availability, and increased stress levels affect productivity while the employee assimilates to a new job and new city. Operating in a new work environment, family separations, and sizable financial decisions are all contributors to the stress that each employee feels during this 2‐6 month process.
SOLUTION: Peters & Associates, Inc. assigns a team of Brokers to each of your employees. The team provides a thorough understanding of all aspects of the move. It is the teams objective to place the employee at ease and build confidence, so that the transfer will be conducted as worry‐free as possible. The Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation team is available at all times ‐ 24 hours a day and 7 days a week ‐ to answer any questions that may arise during the relocation.
CHALLENGE: Finding and buying a new home can be a complicated and stressful activity. Without a well planned and organized search trip, it is extremely difficult for employees to reach a decision on their biggest investment in just a matter of a few days.
SOLUTION: Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation is dedicated to making the home‐finding process as worry‐free as possible for your employees and their families. Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation will assign a real estate professional who is best suited to assess the employee’s housing needs and narrow the search to potential communities that match those needs. This helps to insure a good investment decision will pay dividends especially if the employee is asked to relocate again by the company.
CHALLENGE: For employees who have a home to sell in the departure location, you will find that many of these individuals attempt to get more money for their homes than the property is worth. After all, it is human nature. This occurs especially when they recognize that the company will subsidize extended temporary living expenses in the new location. The listing price on your employee’s home may also be inflated by a real estate agent that is overly optimistic. The wrong agent will attempt to secure the listing by suggesting they can sell the home for a price higher than it is worth.
SOLUTION: Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation ensures that your employee’s home is marketed by an experienced brokerage team with a proven track record for expedited sales of relocation properties. The Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation Home Marketing Assistance Program provides aggressive marketing strategies, effective agent management and constant employee contact, all directed at securing a timely sale. This program will greatly reduce the need for temporary living assistance in the new location.
CHALLENGE: Many organizations directly reimburse the employee for many “out‐of pocket” expenditures in an attempt to keep them whole financially. The reimbursements are helpful; however, the employee is still left managing many details surrounding the sale of their home. Other costs tend to creep into the equation such as loss of productivity, extended temporary living and return trips to the old location.
SOLUTION: Peters & Associates, Inc. insures that all details surrounding the home sale are managed on behalf of the employee. We can assist the employee in negotiating a final sales contract and carry the transaction through legal closing. For those employees that are unsuccessful in attracting a buyer for their home, Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation can take the property into inventory.
CHALLENGE: Another important decision that your employees will make is obtaining a loan on their new home. There are many mortgage products and interest rates available. The shear number of products to choose from in the mortgage arena can be overwhelming for most employees.
SOLUTION: Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation has established relationships with various national lenders. Our in‐house Counselors will help your employees sift through the many details associated with securing a new loan, ensuring that each employee has all questions answered.
CHALLENGE: Successful recruiting of the best candidate for the position involves not only selling the candidate on the company’s attributes, but also selling the candidate on the overall amenities of the destination location.
SOLUTION: Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation offers professional services to potential recruits and new hires. The program is designed to help sell and educate the candidate on the destination location. The recruiting tour is provided with an unbiased, and upbeat tour highlighting lifestyle, various areas, proximity to work location, commute options, schools, shopping, apartments and other specific requests made by the candidate.
CHALLENGE: Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation believes that employees who choose not to purchase a home in the new location deserve the same level of service as those who do make a home purchase. After all, finding an apartment in the right area can be just as stressful as finding a home to purchase. How do you ensure the candidate sees the “best” of what the proposed location has to offer? A rejected move is extremely costly.
SOLUTION: Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation will assign a rental professional to assist in locating suitable rental accommodations, including conducting the initial needs assessment, to help narrow the search of potential communities.
CHALLENGE: On occasion employees may be asked to relocate to the new location prior to completing the sale of their old residence. There are many tasks to accomplish associated with finding and establishing temporary living quarters.
SOLUTION: Peters & Associates, Inc. Relocation can arrange for a corporate apartment or similar temporary location.