Downtown Charlotte Communities

Dilworth: Located southwest of downtown Charlotte, Dilworth is considered a very prominent real estate area. Beautiful skyline views are available from many of the homes, lofts, condos, and townhomes giving you the feel of a slower pace living, but still in he heart of it all. In this Center City Neighborhood, amazing shops, entertainment, parks, restaurants and more are at your fingertips. Dilworth is also known for its beautiful large oak trees that can be located in many areas as well as lovely historic homes that originated in the 30’s and 40’s. Please click here for more information about the Dilworth area. (updated daily).

Elizabeth: Developed back in the 1800’s and named from Anne Elizabeth Watts, Elizabeth is considered one of the older neighborhoods in the Center City Charlotte area. A Lutheran College in 1897 called “Elizabeth College” was founded and established in this neighborhood. For many years, the college excelled until 1915 when it was moved to Salem, VA. Since that time, the community of Elizabeth has changed drastically and today houses one of the major hospitals located in the center city area. Recently art has become prevalent in this neighborhood as well (not to be confused with NoDa). This community highlights striking and distinctive architecture originated back in the early 1900’s. Please click here for more information about the Elizabeth area. (updated daily).

Myers Park: Located just between South Park Mall and Uptown Charlotte, the neighborhood of Myers Park is an extremely deep-rooted affluent community. Myers Park is considered one of the most extremely prestigious areas in all of Charlotte, NC. This community is very picturesque with its tree-lined streets, elegantly beautiful old homes, and prides itself with a 98-acre park called Freedom Park. Among Dilworth, clients commonly seek after property in Myers Park because it has steadily held true to its initial reputation and prestige, as well as its breath taking beautiful landscapes. Please click here for more information about the Myers Park area. (updated daily).

NoDa: Noda, short for North Davidson, is considered to be The Arts District of the center city area. This historic district was once the dwelling place of many warehouses, mills, and textile factories, but has now been transformed into something very posh and chic. The old buildings have been converted into stylish and fashionable residential townhomes and high-rises. Not only is NoDa alive with beautiful architecture, this tight knit community is bursting with culture from great restaurants like Cabo Fish Taco and Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen, to shops and beautiful art galleries featuring a Noda Gallery Crawl. This neighborhood also possesses amazing entertainment with live music at venues like The Evening Muse, Neighborhood Theatre and Wine Up.

Plaza Midwood: Located northeast of Charlotte’s downtown area sits the beautiful neighborhood of Plaza Midwood. This community got its name from two larger subdivisions called The Plaza and Midwood, and is considered to be one of the most historic and diverse neighborhoods in the center city area. The residents of Plaza Midwood take extreme pride in their historic community, which can be seen through its amazing tree-lined streets and delightful distinct homes that have been brought back to their original grandeur. This area is also a hub for many different businesses including numerous art galleries, furniture and clothing stores, and several consignment and antique malls, which helps give the community its historic feel. Many family-owned restaurants featuring southern home-style cooking and other authentic ethnic food can be found in the Plaza Midwood area. Please click here for more information about the Plaza Midwood area. (updated daily).

Chantilly: Located just in the shade of downtown Charlotte, surrounded by Plaza Midwood and Elizabeth, lies the beautiful neighborhood of Chantilly; another beloved historic district of Charlotte, NC. This beautiful community offers a warmhearted residential feel, with its charming bungalows bordered by spacious, majestic homes on gorgeous, tree-lined narrow streets. New entertainment venues and restaurants are also being positioned in the community’s main area of The Plaza and Central Avenue, which makes this neighborhood a very trendy nighttime destination for residents of all ages. Real estate in this area is very prevalent due to its center location in Charlotte, as well as the historic and residential yet chic and trendy ambiance that the neighborhood gives off. Please click here for more information about the Chantilly area. (updated daily).

South End: Located south of downtown Charlotte, NC, is the neighborhood of historic South End, or commonly called “The South End”. This area houses Charlotte’s first railroad line that dated back to the 1850’s, linking Charlotte to South Carolina cities of Charleston and Columbia. Similar to the NoDa area, old mills, factories, and warehouses have now been converted into beautiful apartments, townhomes, and condos, as well as chic boutiques and restaurants, both of commercial and local standings. Some points of interest in The South End community include a trendy music hall called Amos Southend, and restaurants like Mill Bar and Restaurant and Pewter Rose Restaurant.