Realtor for the Sports Industry
Peters & Associates, Inc. is the finest in our field. We have practice and experience working with pro-athletes, their agents, managers, coaches, executives, team owners, and their families across the nation. We also recognize the rapidly shifting landscape of a career in sports & have the ability to change with you. Whether you’re making a permanent move or need temporary housing, we can help you with all your needs. Are you an individual sports athlete? Are you a professional golfer, racecar driver, boxer, tennis player, mixed martial artist, professional wrestler, Olympic sport athlete and more? If so, your lifestyle presents unique real estate requirements that Peters & Associates, Inc. understands.

Just as you have agents and managers to lend a hand with important professional career moves, it is in the same way as important to have the utmost level of knowledge and skill with your real estate transactions. We will be even willing to work with your personal assistant, manager, or agent while you focus on your professional career. At Peters & Associates, Inc we understand your exciting & demanding lifestyle, & want you to be able to concentrate on your expertise while we concentrate on your unique and distinctive real estate requests.

Whether you want to sell a home on the open market or want to discreetly sell your property as a pocket listing, we have the capability and networking to make that happen. From our office in Charlotte, NC, we are the best specialists to help you with all your wants, needs & desires in real estate, as well as offering our assistance to your colleagues and friends.

Don’t hesitate! Contact us today to enjoy the highest quality of real estate service.

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